niedziela, 5 maja 2013

Special food - Christmas Eve dinner

Christmas Eve dinner in Poland is very special. There is a white tablecloth on the table.
There is one place for an unexpected guest.
There are twelve dishes.
The dinner is meatless.
We share ‘opłatek’ with our family and  wish merry Christmas.
Christmas Eve dishes are:

- fish (carp and herring)

- soups (borsch with ‘uszka’ – little dumplings;  mushroom soup)

- pierogi (dumplings) with mushrooms and cabbage

- sauerkraut with mushrooms

- bread

There are also a lot of sweet things:

-         cheesecake

-         poppy seed cake

-         ‘makiełki’ ( noodles with poppy seed)

-         gingerbread

-         ‘kutia’ (wheat with poppy seed and honey)

-         dried fruit compote